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MagiQuest is an interactive treasure hunt game. Armed with a magic wand and clue book, Magi search for clues and treasures through a highly themed fairy forest, village, dragon dungeon, and secret Goblin Chamber to advance through the quests and adventures. Magi will be filled with wonder and excitement as they defeat the Goblin King, interact with fairies, a princess, and mystical creatures, hunt for treasures and clues, and battle the dragon all with a magic wand that brings the characters to life and stores their progress as they complete the levels to become a Master Magi.

The Ancient Book of Wisdom

The Ancient Book of Wisdom is your guide to the world of MagiQuest. The riddles and clues within these pages will help you complete the many challenges within MagiQuest at Pigeon Forge. Complete Quests to earn Runes that will give your wand additional power. Unlock daring Adventures with your Runes to face Dragons and Goblins or help the Pixie and Princess. Climb the ranks to become a Master Magi and unlock even more challenges!

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